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The following day Kaikane and crew invited us to a secret surf spot on the North Shore. As we were setting up to shoot on the cliff above, a 15-20 foot shark swam into the lineup. None of the surfers seemed to mind, and went about there business laughing and playing on the waves. The shark meandered away from the lineup and back out to sea with no issues. We enjoyed an amazing surf session all the same, Kaikane's crew on boards, and us in surf kayaks. Sorry there is only video footage available of this session.


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Also other companies, like Whatsapp’s parent company Facebook, but also Google, Microsoft, Amazon and other tech companies will need to comply with the new regulations. It’s expected we’ll see them provide similar features to at least users that live in a country that is part of the European Union. Google slaps mute button on stupid ads that nag you to buy stuff you just looked at theregister. o. k. Maybe you enjoy the flaming hot looks of a gaming PC, but prefer the portability of a notebook that can be brought along anywhere and everywhere.


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An Afternoon with Dustin Nguyen, and Cinematographers Master Class (I want to attend this! Also to be featured at the festival is called Asian International Showcase (which are Outstanding Films From Asia): Summer Place from China, The Blood of Yingzhou District. China, Bolinao 52 (Duc Nguyen); Hula Girls, Retribution, Tekkonkinkreet. In addition to honoring Shaiman, ASCAP also honored the composers and songwriters of the top box office film music and the most performed television music of 2006. Over 850 members of the music industry attended the invitation-only event, which was hosted by Academy-Award winning lyricist and President and Chairman of ASCAP, Marilyn Bergman. One of the many highlights of the evening was the special tribute to Marc Shaiman who was honored with the ASCAP Henry Mancini Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions to the music of film and television.


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Meski kelinci-kelinci ini hidup secara liar, namun mereka tetap ramah dan terbiasa dengan pengunjung yang datang untuk sekedar melihat-lihat atau memberi makan. Pasalnya, hewan yang dikenal sebagai pelari kencang ini dapat berkeliaran dengan bebas karena tidak memiliki tuan atau dapat disebut sebagai kuda liar. Terletak di negara bagian Maryland dan Virginia, pulau tersebut tak dihuni satu orang pun manusia. Konon, pada zaman dahulu, kuda-kuda yang berada di Pulau Assateague adalah sekawanan kuda yang mampu 133 GETAWAY selamat dari karamnya kapal kargo dari Spanyol pada tahun 1600-an. Cerita lain menyebutkan, kuda-kuda tersebut datang dari Pulau Chincoteague, lalu berenang ke Pulau Assateague. Entah mana yang benar, namun yang pasti kudakuda tersebut sangat bersahabat kepada turis yang mengunjungi pulau Assateague.


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