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The show's ratings were inconsistent in its fourth season, but a loyal fan base has remained. In fact the show's stars have been on a tour in recent weeks. REBEL is a police drama from creator John Singleton that follows Oakland police officer Rebecca “Rebel” Cole. The series has only just begun production, so there’s no further information about what Williamson’s role might be, or what other actors will be starring in the project. But as soon as we find out more — especially when the series is set to premiere — we’ll be sure to let you know.


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We then looked around the room with wonder and joy and noticed that at the table next to us was Keanu Reeves, a native Torontonian. Of course Keanu Reeves would be sitting next to us. By now I was very drunk and thought it would be a grand idea to offer Iyer’s book to Keanu as a gesture of goodwill, a sort of enactment of Iyer’s global soul. Shrugging, I teetered over to him, the book lying on top of my two hands like a platter of grapes. You read it.


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